Where will you ride this spring?

Where will you ride this spring?

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With spring just around the corner, many of you are plotting your next equestrian adventure… Spring is a fantastic time to go on a riding holiday. Enjoy the beautiful spring flowers, lush scenery, and the first rays of sunshine, all from the back of a horse… Who could say no to that? 

The best riding holidays for nature lovers

The months of April and May are the perfect time of year to enjoy everything that nature has to offer. In many of our European destinations, the spring flowers will be in full bloom, the grass will grow green and lush and the wildlife comes back to life after the cold winter months – perfect for nature lovers. 

Botswana, Macatoo Camp for those interested in a riding safari, visiting Macatoo camp in May is an interesting time of the year. The temperatures are still pleasantly warm during the day. The Okavango annual floodwaters normally arrive in May or June – so are within riding distance for a couple of weeks before they actually reach camp. Game comes to drink from the water, with the buffalo and lechwe moving in as the water levels increase. However, with the increased amount of water much of the game is still dispersed and tracking requires a little more effort!

Portugal, Dolphin trail - This beautiful circular trail ride in Portugal has guaranteed departures in March and June. A boat trip to discover dolphins in the estuary is included, which is a highlight of this trip! The beach ride is also always a very popular day... Nothing like a blast down the beach to feel alive and blow away the covid cobwebs.

Albania – Ancient Mountain trails - The mountains of southern Albania come alive in the spring time, with the green meadows turning into a tapestry of beautiful wild flowers. The area where we ride is relatively remote and has been spared by mass tourism – this is a fantastic choice for riders looking to ride off the beaten track and discover the local culture.   

Trail riding in the Alentejo, Portugal
Trail riding in the Alentejo, Portugal

Our selection of scenic spring horseback vacations.

Ireland - Did you know that April and May are some of the driest months in Ireland? It also comes with the added bonus of being relatively quieter on the tourist side! The Irish scenery is hard to beat, and spring is a good time to explore the Ring of Kerry on horseback, before the summer crowds arrive. Or perhaps our new Burren trail ride is on your list?

Azores Not many people know about this volcanic archipelago lost in the middle of the Atlantic, but the Azores have a lot to offer. With its green lush meadows, calderas, dense jungle-like forests and black sand beaches, Faial Island is a destination of choice this spring! 

Spain, Costa Brava Explore the mountains, go for a blast down the beach, ride through orchards and beautiful medieval villages… That is what the Costa Brava, in Spain, is all about. The spring weather will be sunny and warm, so time to go get some “vitamin sea”!

Equestrian holidays for those looking for warmth and sunshine!

Morocco – Our trail rides in the Sahara will be running up until the end of April, while it is still cool enough to ride. In May and June, however, we take it to the foothills of the Atlas mountains. The Valley of the Roses ride journeys through the gorges of M'goun and Dades, famous for their rose blossoms, oases and Kasbahs. The area you can explore on the Saffron trail is famed for its saffron production and is the ideal destination for spring when the desert is too hot for riding and the mountains too cold.

Jordan – Although we avoid riding in Petra or in the Wadi Rum in January, when the nights are cold (not ideal to be camping!), the springtime offers much milder temperatures and is a period of choice to ride in Jordan! You could join our fantastic Jordan Explorer trail, an adventurous ride from Petra to the Wadi Rum, or explore the deepest regions of the Wadi Rum on our Wadi Rum trails. 

Egypt – Riding past the Pyramids of Gizeh, exploring the temples and tombs of the Valley of the Kings and swimming with horses in the Red Sea… The perfect way to blow away the winter cobwebs! Our Egypt rides run until the end of April, and offer the ideal combination of sunshine, culture, and riding. We have several different riding itineraries in Egypt, each designed for those who want to understand the Egyptian culture, food and people while also enjoying excellent riding on beautiful Arabian horses. 

Horseback riding in the Wadi Rum Desert, Jordan
Horseback riding in the Wadi Rum Desert, Jordan

Riding holidays with an active pace

Turkey – Wonders of Cappadocia - A riding holiday in the beautiful, wondrous region of Cappadocia in central Turkey. This is ideal for competent riders looking for a fast trail ride – you can expect long canters and fun riding adventures. Please note this is a popular ride and on many a rider’s bucket list, and therefore availability is already limited!

France – Black Mountain Trail - Not for the faint of heart! On this riding holiday, you can expect to ride in 50 km stages with an average rate of more than 10km/h and long and frequent canters over varied terrain. You will ride home bred, confident, endurance horses that are a pleasure to ride. A superb riding holiday for those looking for a faster pace.

An active trail ride in Burgundy, France
An active trail ride in Burgundy, France

Something different... 

US, Wyoming - Kara Creek Ranch The springtime is a very busy time of the year on a working cattle ranch. Depending on the week and the weather, you will start bringing in the cattle from the winter pastures. There will be a range of activities that will include branding, vaccinating, and castrating the young bulls. Everyone pretty much has a job depending on how well they can ride, and what they feel up to (helping with the castrations, for instance, is not something people usually volunteer to do!). Fantastic atmosphere and everyone takes part, they might also bring in some neighbours for additional help. This is a holiday we would recommend to riders looking for a proper cowboy/girl adventure, and who aren’t afraid to roll up their sleeves!

Mozambique working holiday Have you every thought of volunteering with horses? With its pristine white beaches and turquoise waters, Mozambique is the perfect choice for an African riding adventure. This particular working holiday will give you the chance to volunteer with one of the country’s best safari outfitters, Pat and Mandy Retzlaff. You will become part of their family and work with a selection of remarkable horses - the majority of them were rescued from Zimbabwean farms. This is a little different from what we usually offer, but a fantastic getaway all the same… and definitely easier on the wallet!

Working holiday & horses in Mozambique
Working holiday & horses in Mozambique

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